Statement  finally released regarding elevator celebrity beatdown. Says Solange was just being herself and it was all just a bit of horseplay really.

So a statement has been released by all the Knowles and Carters and Knowles-Carters involved in The Met Gala Elevator incident and it actually says nothing really, to be honest. Sort of like that time Beyoncé produced that gritty HBO documentary that was about the exact same subject (i.e. nothing).

After a few days of passive aggressive instagram adjusting by both Knowles sisters, the Internet was refusing to die down in discussing possible reasons why Solange Knowles would attempt to superkick her brother in law in the nuts and why Beyonce was just like…

Beyonce meme

Beyonce (credit: twitter.com/kekekizzie)

The Beygency is hoping the Hellevator incident is behind them now so we can all get back to forgetting/pointing out (delete as appropriate) the fundamental artistic differences between Beyoncé and Solange.

Those main ones being: We listen to Solange when we’re working at our desk with a nice cuppa coffee at our side, or enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight with a handsome fella we are trying to get to know better.

And all the crazy Beyoncé dancing happens about 15 minutes before you’ve got your head stuck down a toilet, cry puking in the bathroom of a shitty but fun gay boy nightclub that you don’t even know where is cuz you think you might have possibly arrived in a Taxi with some people you met at a power lunch earlier but have turned out to seem increasingly anti-semitic over time.


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