Now that the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel officially has a title– That’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ actually– Batman fans on the Internet are starting to set down their PS3 controllers and dust off their keyboards for another bout of complaining that casting Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne will “ruin everything.”

Fans have conveniently managed to forget that it is almost impossible to make a worse movie than it’s predecessor ‘Man of Steel’, which opens with a woman not only allowing, but being perfectly OK with Russell Crowe delivering her baby and carries on as a mind numbing rampage of nothing really coherent.

Actually, other than Superman continuously destroying people’s personal property right up to the film’s conclusion and never offering to replace any of it, I’m pretty certain there weren’t any plot points.

Batman fans have also decided to be quick to dismiss “Batfleck” despite having -probably- seen the previous Batman solo movie, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and having been hit right in the eye with an insultingly anti-revolutionary, pro-Police brutality, elitist piece of dog shit, which featured a villain, in Bane, that sounded exactly like my granny in one of her more mellow, morphine induced moods.

Sad Batfleck is going to be fucking rich

Sad Batfleck (credit: http://www.comicbook.com)

Even weirder, many seem to be under the impression that Ben Affleck is sad because Internet movie fans aren’t as supportive of his casting as Warner Bros bosses are. Although there are no salary figures released for Affleck’s participation, here’s some simple addition:

In 2002, Affleck was paid 11.5 million plus bonuses for ‘Daredevil’. He got 12.5m for ‘Gigli’ and banked 15m for ‘Paycheck’. Factor in that he is now considerably more famous and is a starring producer/director of Oscar winning ‘Argo’, so his paycheck will doubtlessly hit at least 20m.

Also, bear in mind that this is a multi-film deal so lets just say he gets 100m plus bonuses, then I’d wager that Ben Affleck really couldn’t curl out even the tiniest turd about what Batman fans think.

For $100 million, I would play Batman in a 20-something gay boy Hallowe’en costume (i.e. just bat wings and black pleather hot pants) and even add nipple tassles like George Clooney did in the 90s and then I’d just hire someone to give a shit about what people thought about that.

Oh, and Zack Snyder is directing it. How is it not conceivable that a casting decision can neither save nor damn this project?

When the film is finished and sucks, the fact is that Ben Affleck will have just been there to be a well paid part of this comic book adaptation clusterfuck, not to cause it.



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