Three months ago in Portland, Oregon, Lux the cat became a viral sensation after he had apparently attacked his entire family, forcing them to barricade themselves into a bedroom of their house to take refuge.

Initial reports suggested that Lux had reacted to the family’s child pulling his tail, by scratching back at the stupid child, which prompted the child’s asshole father to kick the cat. Then the family called the Police because, shockingly, the cat didn’t respond politely to the constant violent abuse.

These precursors to the now famous incident, which have been re-documented in the latest episode of reality TV show ‘My Cat From Hell’, where the asshole father (now casually sporting a black eye), Lee, states that he didn’t kick the cat, but had actually just tried to kick it. Riiiight.

Jackson Galxy decides that Lux should live somewhere else

Douchebag Family from Portland, Oregon

We see that Jim and Teresa. who also have a stupid looking dog to match their stupid child, now keep Lux in a tiny, shit-ridden room in order to profit off their story from curious media organizations. They agree to let celebrity “Cat Whisperer” Jackson Galaxy have access to Lux, to figure out what really is the problem.

Galaxy’s findings and suggestions were, indeed, interesting:

Almost immediately, Lux was eating tuna treats from Jackson’s lap and happily purring. Jackson’s initial diagnosis was that Lux is suspicious but not vicious.

He suggests a full medical exam to rule out physical issues, as well as special cat shelving and regular play time outside of the captivity shit-room.

Jackson works with the Oregon Humane Society to put Lux into a “neutral environment” for a week with foster parents Jim and Mollie.

He gets a vet to do an MRI, which shows that Lux’s brain is fine, then diagnoses him with feline hyperesthesia syndrome—a seizure-like condition involving hyperstimulation of the nerves.

The cause of feline hyperesthesia syndrome is unknown. Some experts believe FHS to be a form of epilepsy, while others believe it is a behavioural disorder triggered by trauma.

Jackson convinces Lee and Teresa to allow Lux to be re-homed, citing reasons that he could kill their baby one day but transparently because it’s obviously much better for the cat, who will probably do better when not being kicked by a douchebag with a neck tattoo.

Lux goes to live with Jim and Mollie and is, not surprisingly, doing fine now.

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