A poorly run Scottish charity with an extremely stroppy Twitter account is in trouble for branding J.K. Rowling a “hashtag-Bitch” on Twitter after a stream of official complaints were made in the wake of the incident.

Charity regulators are now investigating after the voluntary group appeared to post a Twitter message abusing JK Rowling over her £1 million donation to the No side in the independence referendum.

The tweet, from the account of The Dignity Project, read: “What a #bitch after we gave her shelter in our city when she was a single mum.”

It was one of many strongly worded posts attacking the Capital-based writer for supporting the Better Together campaign.

The charity, which often makes insulting posts over social media, it seems, also has a poorly constructed website, filled with typos in their mission copy. For example:

The Dignity Project was established and registered in Scotland as a charity 1996-97 it was set up by William & Barbara McDonald-Wood to help fund a vision they had to travel to East Africa and share their skills with the indigenous population estpecially (sic) with orphans and vulnerable children.

A later statement posted on the charity’s website claimed its account had been hacked. It said: “We are not responsible for any tweets that have been sent. As a charity we do not take any political stance and our opinion is people are free to donate to whoever they choose.”

But other Twitter users said the message had been auto-posted from the personal Facebook account of the charity’s founder, William Wood.

According to its website, The Dignity Project, based in Belgrave Terrace, Corstorphine, was set up by William and Barbara McDonald-Wood and is linked to projects in East Africa, including a nursery school, a primary school and a computer training centre.

In the wake of the incident, the landing page of the charity’s shitty website put up the following, poorly worded message in all red font:

DISCLAIMER The Dignity Project Has had it’s Twitter account hacked We are not responsible for any tweets that have been sent. As a charity we do not take any political stance and our opinion is people are free to donate to whoever they choose. To the people who hacked our account if helping African children to thrive and survive including single mums is bad thing that is their problem.

The charity has since posted again on it’s website to clarify how the hacking went down exactly, this time only using red font in the heading but typing in all bold and aligning all text to the center without punctuation:


The Dignity Project

would like to apologise
for any offence caused
due to having it’s Facebook account hacked which was in turn linked to it’s Twitter account.

The views expressed apparantly in the message are not the views of the charity. The charity it’s self is not political and tries to take a non-biased view.

Sincerely Apologies

The Dignity Project.

So basically, they were hacked by someone who hacks shittily run charities and posts in the exact same style as the founder and they’re just trying to help single mums in Africa so stop being such dicks, everyone.

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