A German tourist who had her belongings stolen in Galway, including €200 worth of clothing, a camera worth €2,000 and her wallet containing €70, was assisted by a number of patrons of the local biker bar, Sally Longs on May 27th last year.

When the Sallys patrons realized what had happened to the distressed woman, they put their thinking caps on and tracked the thief to Eyre Square, where he had boarded a bus bound for Limerick.

They kept the thief in their sights until gardaí arrived to arrest him.

Christopher Murphy (43), Caherdavin, Limerick, pleaded guilty at Galway District Court to the distraction-like theft after Murphy had left the woman’s belongings in a taxi when he was confronted by the patrons from the pub and had hurriedly boarded the bus.

As a result of the intervention, all of the woman’s belongings were recovered except for the €70.

Defense solicitor Olivia Traynor said her client had a drink problem and was inebriated at the time of this offence which was not premeditated.

Judge Timothy Lucey sentenced Murphy to four months in prison, which he suspended for one year.

He also described the theft as “opportunistic” and “bungled” but forgot to surmise that “You just don’t mess with sleuthing bikers.”

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