The Newseum Institute have just released a report that has found that one third of Americans cannot name any first amendment constitutional rights but 68% know that the first right is to freedom of expression.

How can I learn the 27 amendments to the US constitution?

Freedom: You’re Welcome America

The full answer is indeed, freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition and despite not even being American, I can go down the list of the first 19 amendments pretty easily.

There are 27 amendments to the Constitution so there’s a lot to remember. How the hell did I remember so many of them, when I don’t even actually care about the US Constitution?

Easy! There’s this movie called Born Yesterday, starring Melanie Griffith and Dan from Roseanne, where Melanie Griffith plays this ditz who has to hang around in political circles, so her boyfriend hires a tutor to help her get more smarterer.

She ends up using the melody of the ’12 Days of Christmas’, to remember the amendments mnemonically. I found this clip on this Libertarian video website, which mostly hosts videos of Ron Paul. I don’t see why it’s not fun. I deeply feel like It’s about the same as a Ting Tings song, in terms of repetitiveness.

The video will not embed, so click on the picture of Melanie Griffith reading the newspaper to watch that.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith in Born Yesterday

The nineteenth amendment to the constitution says:
-women vote like men do (19th)
-alcohol will kill you (18th)
-we elect Senators too (17th)
-uncle sam will bill you (16th)
-all races get the ballot (15th)
-equal rights for all (14th)
-slavery is invalid (13th)

**12th to 8th are too boring to have in the song because they were all ratified between 1791 and 1804 and have stuff to do with the powers of federal government but here’s what was in the screenplay…

-election of the Pres.(12th)
-suits against states (11th)
-the states have rights too (10th)
-powers of the people (9th)
-don’t lock me in dark places (8th)
-jury trial in civil cases (7th)
-right to a quick trial (6th)
-donnnnn’t rat on yourselllllllffffff (5th)
-where’s your warrant please (4th)
-soldiers get out please (3rd)
-here is my gun, freeze!(2rd)
-assemble and be nice and just say any crazy thing you like (1st)

Isn’t that fun? Learning is fun, see?

You’re welcome, America.

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