By now you will have seen this Youtube video of an argument between two blonde kids about what kind of weather it is, while a third blonde child tries to mediate the discussion and keep things from getting a little too real.

Well, I’m absolutely assuming you have seen it anyway because the video has gone viral, having already garnered roughly half a million hits on Youtube.

So lets just get down to work and look at the video itself, shall we? We’ll ask the questions and dig for answers later.

What was the argument about?

Well some of the speech was hard to understand but I can verify that the main bones of contention arose from the opposing views held by two of the individuals in the video, as to whether it was sprinkling, or whether it was indeed raining.

Well, was it sprinkling or was it raining? Who was right?

It’s hard to say. The young man who argued that it was sprinkling, cited his mother as the source of his information (she had said it was sprinkling) but the popular opinion seemed to have been that it was raining. Other children in the background started citing their mothers about something but then seemed to forget what kind of point to eventually make because language is tricky when you’re not so big.

So the argument that it was sprinkling was better sourced information?

Not necessarily. The young woman in the video arguing the case for it being raining seemed very confident in her own knowledge regarding the current weather status (eventually attributing her own mother as a source) and didn’t really flinch when the young man informed her that she was pretty but not real, before assuring her that he was real.

Well, if you’re not real, you can’t be right because you don’t exist. Checkmate!

This is true. However, the young woman proved she was real by strategically poking the young man at two different points in the video, subsequently ignoring her friend’s request for her to apologize. Essentially, she smashed that hypothesis about her not even existing.

Where did the 2nd young woman come down in the argument?

Well despite her diplomatic role in proceedings and her efforts to keep the debate civil, she did seem to agree that it was raining and not sprinkling. She quite reasonably suggested that all three of them just go outside and look and see if it was actually raining or sprinkling, to settle it for once and for all.

Did they do they do that? Is the argument settled now?

It’s not settled at all because the poking got a little out of hand towards the end, with the young man tearfully claiming that the young woman had poked his heart, before backing away towards the door, twice more repeating “You poked my heart” with an increasingly confounded sense of injured despair. The 2nd young woman commendably attempted to console him and put the argument behind them- behind all of them. For good.

Ok great. Any life changing takeaways from this?

Nope. I looked and looked and I thought and thought but the best I could find comes from a commenter on the forum for this Youtube video, who muses:

[The] Kid learned a tough lesson. Girls are always right and even when they’re wrong…they’ll poke your heart.

Ok thanks for reading. Go away now, you’re not real.

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